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Longford mafia take over @storyful HQ Dublin. Some of the best people are from the L counties dontcha know?! #ONAdublin (📷: @johndmchugh )

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Near the end #onadublin

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Christ. #giantpeanutbuttercups #onadublin

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L'obiettivo è quello di ricreare la credibilità con la trasparenza. La verità non basta più #onadublin

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Gran finale per #onadublin

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People share stories about taxes much more than Brexit in Uk @online_news #onadublin

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Facebook LIVE now #onadublin

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I really LIKE the weather in Dublin today. Great day for #ONAdublin

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When creating push alerts for news, remember that the lock screen isn't just for notifications. You're sharing space with texts, food delivery and more. Don't pollute it with bad updates. - @madebwel. Great tips on making push alerts meaningful at #ONADublin

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Lunch with a view after a great morning. #ONAdublin

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Opening #ONAdublin with @smkalita of @cnn. She is a digital badass and all round superstar. I did some digging on her before our keynote by speaking to her colleagues in CNN. Here is a little of what they told me. "Mitra is an inspirational leader, a great listener, a breath of fresh air with a very global way of thinking. She is someone who is very inclusive and elevates those around her."

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#dublinis growing up. Beautiful, modern, tech. And sunny, today #ONAdublin

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It's no more time for the five questions. Journalism is changing @online_news #onadublin

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Thank you so much Guardian mobile lab @online_news #onadublin

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Move fast and learn things #onadublin

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"Monetization and scale really matter," @smkalita of CNN to @amtomchak in the opening keynote at #ONADublin. Video and resources at

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First talk #onadublin @online_news

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Don't forget @online_news #onadublin

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Here I am #onadublin @online_news

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